Sri Lanka’s top hydro reservoir starts to spill

Dec 04, 2010 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s Victoria reservoir in the Mahaweli river started to spill Saturday for the first time since 2006 amid heavy rains lashing the island, raising the possibility that downstream reservoirs may also spill. Water then flows to Randenigala lower in the cascade. The reservoir is about three meters below. It can take upto two days for water from Victoria to reach Randenigala.

After Randenigala more power is generated through the Rantembe reservoir.

Victoria is one of a series of reservoirs coming under Sri Lanka’s Mahaweli Authority which built the country’s largest irrigation and power generation complex together with state-run Ceylon Electricity Board.

The Victoria reservoir holds more than a third of the country’s 1,200 GigaWatt-hour (millions of units) hydro power storage.

It is the third in a series of dams built across the Mahaweli, Sri Lanka’s longest river.

The Mahaweli cascade starts with Kotmale which is now about two meters below spill, according to officials. From Kotmale water flows to Polgolla in the Kandy district.

A part of it is then diverted via a tunnel bored through a mountain to Ukuwela in the Matale discritic where there is a 40 MegaWatt plant. Water then

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