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SriLankan Airlines invests in continuous employee development


National carrier SriLankan Airlines has initiated a dynamic venture for harnessing the potential and talents of their employees, by proposing to fund their post graduate higher education under the Airlines’ Continuous Professional Development Programme. The objectives of the programme is aimed at developing a motivated and highly skilled professional workforce that would contribute positively to the growth and self-sustenance of the organisation, that is essential to meet the demands of a highly competitive and dynamic global industry.

The Continuous Professional Development Programme (CPD) was launched in June this year by the HR Development division of SriLankan Airlines as an initiative to facilitate necessary learning and training that the staff needs to excel and progress in their various job roles in the airline.

Six employees were shortlisted and selected to be a part of the initial CPD programme. The CPD granting for the selected employees was held in the presence of Mr.

Rakhita Jayawardena, Pro-tem Chief Executive Officer SriLankan Airlines, Colonel Sunil Peiris, Executive Director HR SriLankan Airlines, Mahinda Haradasa, Director SriLankan Airlines and Pradeepa Kekulawala, Head of Human Resources SriLankan Airlines. Pradeepa Kekulawala, the Head of Human Resources, SriLankan Airlines stated, “Employee development is an integral part of our mission. Therefore it’s vital that we provide the best platform for our employees to develop their skills and evolve into better professionals. This is an investment for the future as there is a dearth of professionals in the airline industry. It’s imperative that we mature and develop our employee skills to be able to meet future talent needs of the organization.
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The CPD programme will provide employees with an opportunity to pursue their educational aspirations in a recognised international or national educational body, with the airline funding 75% of the course fee as per the CPD Policy for successful candidates. This programme marks yet another milestone that the Airline’s HR division has achieved in enhancing the competencies of employees, as an important part of partnering the business. (Media Release)
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