SriLankan Airlines moves to meet EU emissions rules

June 02, 2011 (LBO) – SriLankan Airlines said it has satisfied a key environmental requirement of the European Union (EU) on monitoring of aircraft emissions and was in talks to get carbon credits to ensure full compliance. SriLankan Airlines’ Aircraft Emissions Monitoring System, developed by the airline itself, was approved by the EU on April 27 after the island’s national carrier collected emissions data from its entire fleet of aircraft throughout 2010, a statement said.

Following an audit by SGS of the UK, the Environment Agency of the UK recommended the data collected by SriLankan’s system throughout the year 2010 as being 100 percent compliant with EU regulations in terms of accuracy.

The EU’s tough new regulations for the airline industry have made monitoring of aircraft emissions mandatory,” said SriLankan’s manager aviation fuel Anushad Liyanagoda.

“Non-compliance could even lead to individual airlines being banned from operating in European skies.

“So the acceptance of our system ensures the uninterrupted continuation of all our services to Europe and also qualifies SriLankan for the maximum possible amount of financial credit.

The EU has formulated a system where airlines

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