Standing Out

Ratwatte condemned the Ceylon Bank Employees Union (CBEU) protests against the restructuring management team, calling it an ldblquote uncivilised act not suited for professional bankers.”

rnrnHe further said reforms at People
quote s Bank would continue regardless of party politics since the financial viability of the bank depends on them.

rnrnldblquote This protest is totally unacceptable since the unions earlier agreed not to oppose the appointment of private sector managers to revive the bank. But after the government change, they are trying to create an issue
dblquote , Ratwatte further said.

rnrnMeanwhile, the members of the ousted management team when contacted said they are still waiting for the new board of directors to be appointed, who will decide the fate of the three-year reform programme.

rnrnThe 13 member team comprising senior professional bankers from the banking sector were brought in by the bank
quote s former Chairman, Mano Tittawella.

rnrnThe team members brought in a wealth of e

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