Stitch In Time

Diversifying its services in Sri Lanka while avoiding a future drop in its mainstay business, DHL will venture into the logistical and supply chain industry.
Today DHL launched, China First, a concept were a manufacture can import goods from the East Asian trading giant and ship it to anywhere in the world all in one invoice and currency. rn

rnThis is the first step the company has plotted for itself to avert perils that would follow the end of the multi fibre agreement in 2005. rn

rnDHL Country Manager, Chaminda Hewamallika says it is important for the company to diversify its services to face an unavoidable drop in business after 2005. rn

rnA bulk of DHLs business in Sri Lanka comes from the apparel sector, making it very vulnerable to the implications of the end of the multi fibre agreement. rn

rn”Internationally we have already established strong logistical and supply chain operations. We will leverage on these strengths to diversify our services in Sri Lanka.”rn

rnThe company is also put

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