Stricking it Rich

Following industry feedback, Development Lotteries Board (DLB) will launch two more draw based tickets to fill its current lquote off days – Mondays and Wednesdays.rn
DLB officials say the two new draw based lotteries is expected to increase ticket sales by one million tickets per day and help bolster revenues to over Rs. 4.5 billion by end 2004. rn

rnThe firm is expecting over Rs. 3 billion in revenue for 2003. rn

rnTo reach its forecasts the first ticket is scheduled for launch before November, and will have a Rs. 10 million snowballing prize – money, a car and a house in Colombo. rn

rnThe second ticket will join the game early next year.rn

rnDLB officials say two basic elements drive a large part of lottery buying, apart from the lucky numbers, and that are the prize money and tickets that have the draw on the same day.rn

rnThe two new tickets will take this into consideration, officials said.rn

rnThe Board is also pushing for approval to rollout an online lottery, possibly in partnershi