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A top state official is calling the government to break away from being over dependant on aid agencies.
BOI Chairman Arjunna Mahendran pointed out that governments are over dependant on aid and donor assistance from agencies such as the IMF and the World Bank that state agenda is rerouted to facilitate them. rn

rnldblquote I feel the governments in this part of the world particularly, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and in the SAARC region are overly dependent on the munificence of the international aid agencies,
dblquote Arjunna Mahendran Chairman, BOI said speaking at the inauguration of the CIMA national conference.rn

rnldblquote The World Bank and the IMF tend to drive the agenda in our countries. The policy debate is marginal. It is mainly the dictates of the two institutions which come to bear on our country,
dblquote he said.rn

rnHe also said that they are trying to bring back international investment banks into the country in an attempt to move away from this tendency of relying on aid and

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