Suwa Seriya ambulance service launches 1990 Mobile App


May 08, 2019 (LBO) – The “1990 Suwa Seriya” pre-hospital care ambulance service today launched its new Emergency Dispatch Management (EDM) System and the unique 1990 Mobile App to enable faster dispatching and management of ambulance movements.

The 1990 App which is available for both Android and iOS phones will enable persons with smartphones to call the service faster and easily by just a touch of a button.

This Mobile App will also capture the location of the caller more accurately enabling the ambulance to reach the patient faster.

All this is being initiated to provide the most reliable and efficient free ambulance service to Sri Lankans even in the furthest parts of the country.

Reducing the response time through the new EDM system and the 1990 App will specifically help patients suffering cardiac arrests and stroke.

It has been found through research that every minute of reduced response time increases the chances of survival by approximately 10 percent.

“The introduction of the new EDM System and the 1990 App further confirms our continued commitment to save lives,” said Minister Harsha de Silva, the chief architect of the project.

“The significance of this new system is that it makes us second to none in emergency dispatch systems anywhere in the world.”

Currently, 258 ambulances cover eight provinces in the country and will have national coverage with the launch of Eastern province later this month.

The fleet will then consist of 300 units. The service is offered totally free to the people of Sri Lanka.

“It is also important to state that the development of the technology was provided free of charge and some aspects at a nominal cost by Sri Lankan software companies,” said Dumindra Ratnayaka, Chairman of the Board of the Suwa Seriya Foundation.

Currently, the average response time for 1990 ambulance service is 8 minutes and 23 seconds in the Western Province and 11 minutes and 25 seconds in the rest of the country, which is comparable to or better than most developed countries.

“As at 3rd May 2019 we have answered 1,057,571 number of calls, dispatched 199,997 number of ambulances for emergencies and have had 174,555 hospital admissions,” confirmed Sohan de Silva, CEO of the 1990 Suwa Seriya Ambulance Service.

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