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Dilshan Wirasekara, Chief Executive Officer of First Capital Treasuries PLC

Local telecom operators on Friday came up with firm rates to interconnect between networks until a new cost study is finalised in June.
The telecom operators endash Sri Lanka Telecom, Suntel, Lanka Bell, Dialog, Mobitel, Celltel and Hutchison Telecom endash agreed on the final numbers after rejecting the telecom watchdogs draft proposals.rn

rnThe draft recommends a benchmark interconnection fee ranging from Rs. 0.17 to Rs.0.82 charged on a per second basis for a minimum call of 30 seconds for local and national calls.rn

rnCall termination charges through local networks will now cost Rs. 0.60 a minute (peak time), Rs. 0.40 (off peak) and Rs. 0.20 for discount rates.rn

rnCosts for national and mobile calls will stand at Rs. 1.50 (peak), Rs. 0.75 (off-peak) and Rs. 0.38 on off peak bands. rn

rnThe thorny issue of international call rates have not finalised yet, with operators still asking for Rs. 11 per minute on incoming traffic.rn

rnThe government and operators also agreed on methods to prev