quote s Japanese partners Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Corp. (NTT) have also expressed willingness to increase its present 35 percent holding to 40 percent through its various associate companies, during the public issue, PERC sources said.

rnThe government had earlier planned to list the fixed line monopoly through a combination of an international and local IPO.

But the issue was derailed for several years due to weak international demand for telecom stocks and poor economic conditions.

rnrnA local listing is expected to boost the Colombo bourse
quote s market capitalisation by 50 percent or more, as SLT is roughly valued at around US$ 250 mn.

rnrnldblquote The government has decided not to look for a large strategic investor, but through a local IPO, some foreign funds are interested in buying parcels of around 5 percent,
dblquote the official said.

rnThe government also plans to widen SLT
quote s licence to include cable services.

rnSLT has also expressed interest in acquiring a mobile op

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