Switzerland relaxes travel advisory for Sri Lanka

The white cross on red background of the Swiss national flag flying high above the Alps, with the Matterhorn directly underneath the flag. Taken at the ski resort of Zermatt.

May 28, 2019 (LBO) – Switzerland has relaxed its travel advisory to Sri Lanka. The travel advisory previously warned citizens to avoid all but essential travel to the island.

The advisory was heightened after the Easter Sunday terror attacks. Switzerland has historically accounted for roughly 3% of Sri Lanka tourist arrivals.

Switzerland is the first country in Europe to relax its travel advisory. This comes after appeals from Sri Lankan leaders who are pushing for relaxations in order to try and mitigate the damage to the country’s blossoming tourism industry.

In the aftermath of the terror attacks on several five star hotels and churches, estimates of over US$1bn in revenue losses to Sri Lanka’s tourist industry have been put forward by various officials.

Below is a tweet from the Swiss Ambassador to Sri Lanka explaining the changes to the Swiss travel advisory:

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