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Change is in the offing to revamp a highly criticised public sector with a top-level Administrative Committee appointed by the Premier, pushing for a series of reforms.rn

rnAmong the key changes being suggested is a re-look at salary structures for government workers endash the removal of upper salary limits and doing away with a uniform salary scale.rn

rnSri Lanka
quote s public servants are some of the lowest paid in the region, often pointed to as a root cause for the rampant inefficiency and corruption in state enterprises.rn

rnldblquote Remuneration in the public sector is stagnant. Many public servants have reached their maximum in salaries and can go no further. We have recommended to government to remove upper salary limits
dblquote , S Rannuge, Director General Policy Development Ministry told Lanka Business Online.rn

rnThere is also little incentive to attract and retain qualified, skilled people with a uniform salary structure with limited scope for a worker to move upwards.rn