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An International Labour Organisation study has found the Tharuna Aruna scheme for unemployed graduates highly dysfunctional and run like a Rotary Club.
Around Rs. 165 mn has gone into the scheme, but only 600 graduates have found permanent work over a five-year period, notes ESP Consult, the authors of the report on behalf of the ILO. rn

rnThe state funded graduate employment training scheme was started in 1997 to train and place students to take up private sector jobs.rn

rnKey private sector chambers endash Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, Federation of Chambers of Commerce & Industries, National Chamber of Commerce and the Ceylon National Chamber of Industries endash joined in the scheme to reduce graduate unemployment.rn

rnThe idea was to give students on the job training and exposure to increase opportunities for permanent employment and help in creating access networks that would compensate for the lack of these, amongst non-elite students.rn

rnA 16 month job placement in the private sector c