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rnThe surplus staff was offered a Voluntary Retirement Scheme based on employees age, years of service and years up to retirement.rn

rnA number of staffers had accepted the offer with the bank referring the matter of about 100 excess staffers to the Labour Commissioner, the bank said in a release today.rn

rnThe Ceylon Bank Employes Union (CBEU) however agitated against what they saw as an attempt by the bank to forcefully retire over 100 employees.rn

rnThe Union is to launch a protest campaign against the bank for forcing employees to lquote go home
quote .rn

rnThe bank however maintains that that the retirement of 100 excess staff was entirely voluntary and had submitted an application to this effect to the Labour Commissioner endash the legal route available to any employer in Sri Lanka under the present Labour laws.rn

rnThe issue prompted an inquiry into the matter, due to be held today.rn

rnThe acquisition of the Middle East and South Asia operations of Grindlays Bank by Standard Chartered

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