Tamils win landslide in Sri Lanka’s post-war vote

JAFFNA, September 22, 2013 (AFP) – Sri Lanka’s main Tamil party Sunday won a whopping landslide in the first semi-autonomous council elections in the island’s north after decades of ethnic war. President Rajapakse has accused the TNA of raising expectations of a separate state that is opposed by the majority Sinhalese.

The latest results are a setback to Rajapakse has won almost every major election since he led the campaign that crushed Tamil Tigers in 2009.

The spectacular military success triggered international calls to probe allegations his troops killed up to 40,000 Tamil civilians in the final months of fighting. The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) swept all five districts in the Northern Provincial Council which went to the polls Saturday, the department of Elections results showed.

The TNA bagged 30 out of a total of 38 seats in an election held under a system of proportional representation.

In the most populous district of Jaffna, the TNA secured more than 84 percent of the popular vote, exceeding the party’s own projections of 66 percent.

President Mahinda Rajapakse’s United People’s Freedom Alliance was a distant second with just seven seats while a Muslim pa