Tech Talks

UK based Adam Smith Institute secured the mandate to prepare the groundwork for a new telecomm and ICT regulator.
The Science & Technology Ministry said Thursday that a team, which also includes top Finnish telecom expert Arno Wirzenius, would start work next Monday.rn

rnUnder the procurement procedure, the consultant has to write out the terms of reference or TOR for the new super regulator. rn

rnThe TOR will set the base for another consultant to draw up guidelines on how the telecomm and Information Communications Technology industry will be regulated.rn

rnAnnouncing plans for the super regulator in October 2002, the Mass Communications Ministry said it expects the new legislation to be enacted by early 2003.rn

rnBy covering the telecomm and the ICT sector, the new super regulator is likely to replace the existing Telecommunications Regulatory Commission or TRC and CINTEC.rn

rnThe government is presently taking a close look at successive models of Singapore and Sweden.rn

rnThe Swedish mo