Tele Profit

Nov 08, 2011 (LBO) – Sri Lanka Telecom, the island’s only wireline operator, which also owns a mobile firm said profits rose 3 percent to 1,058 million rupees in the September 2011 quarter from a year earlier, with revenues staying flat at 12.6 billion rupees. The group said broadband and mobile services were growing to compensate for slow fixed telephony.

The group reported earnings of 59 cents per share for the quarter. In the 9 months to September group profits were 3.49 billion rupees giving earnings of 1.94 rupees per share.

During the nine months SLT group reported revenues of 24.1 billion rupees.

The group said fixed services brought 11.9 billion rupees in revenues and 982 million in profits, mobile 12.7 billion in revenues and 1.49 billion in operating profits. International calling brought 5.7 billion rupees in revenues and 481 million rupees in operating profits.

Fixed voice which was contracting, has stabilized in the third quarter broad band, data and services to business, SLT said in a statement. SLT said in made an equity injection of a billion rupees in Mobitel during the period.

In the nine months Mobitel has seen revenues grow to 15.94 billion rupees from 14.76 billion a year earlier.

Pre-tax profits had grown