Telecom: Super Regulator and new law firm

Economic Reforms Ministry is seeking a consultant to draft laws for a super regulator for telecom, cable and broadcast media.
The call for Expressions of Interest went out on Friday after the Mass Communications Ministry announced plans to set up the super regulator.rn

rnThe planned legislation will create a competition centered, transparent and simple regulatory framework, which will be debated in parliament by early 2003.rn

rnBy covering telecomm and the Information Communications and Technology (ICT) sector, the new watchdog is likely to replace the existing Telecommunications Regulatory Commission and CINTEC (center for information technology).rn

rnThe existing Sri Lanka Broadcasting and Rupavahini Corporation Acts, will also be scrapped.rn

rnWith more private radio and television networks emerging, the mass communications ministry says the existing pieces of legislations are not sustainablern

rnThe new legislation will include the strong independence provisions stipulated in the 1996 Sup

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