Ten Value Addition Centres for fruits and vegetables to be built

vegetables sri lanka

Jan 04, 2017 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s government is to establish ten Value Addition Centres adjacent to farms in public-private partnership with processing, packing and storing facilities.

Co-cabinet spokesman Gayantha Karunathilaka told reporters Wednesday the government has taken steps to facilitate local farmers and entrepreneurs to export vegetables and fruits targeting foreign markets conforming to standards and requirements of foreign countries.

Expenditure incurred in this project will be met through the funds allocated to the Ministry of Primary Industries.

The government said 7 centers will be established later based on the performance of 3 centers which will be established initially.

It was observed that proposed centers are equipped with modern processing facilities in accordance with the recently introduced good manufacturing practices.

The facilities include loading & unloading, washing, air brushing, cold storage and packing and throughout the process ‘zero waste’ practices are promoted and waste will be converted to organic fertilizer.

Farmers will be formally linked with exporters with buyback agreements and value chain need to be elevated to export targeted commercial operations with the processing, packaging and storage facilities to cater the international market.

Proposed centers are to be operate as public private partnership model which is operated by the farmer producer company under the supervision of the ministry while infrastructure facilities are provided and own by the government.

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