The cost of industrial waste

Haycarb, an industrial waste management company, is saving millions in electricity bills every year. The company is a world leader in the activated carbon business.
Small carbon pellets produced by Haycarb are used as a purifier of gas and water.

Its also in high demand in the mining industry. But activated carbon is a messy industry. rn

rnThe company uses industrial waste like coconut shells, coir and carbon dust as raw material. Worse still, they have to burn it at high temperatures in incinerators.rn

rnAll this produces a lot of smoke and steam.rn

rnWhat most would just pump into the atmosphere, Heycarb diverts it to a turbine to produce power.rn

rnldblquote To simplify things we divide waste into product waste and energy waste. We concentrate very heavily on energy waste. Which of course helps environment or helps protect the environment as well as it brings in huge cost savings,
dblquote says Alli Munaver at Haycarb.rn

rnHaycarb saves 12 million rupees a year on electricity and about

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