The Grand Vision

The grand vision usually decorate the first part of the budget, and is usually not implemented was not much in evidence in this year
quote s budget. rn

rnIn fact most of the initiatives listed were already quietly underway.rn

rnThe budget instead focused on what budgets are generally supposed to do, that is, laying the basic foundation on which the government
quote s spending is contained.rn

rnWith just over a month to go the 2002 budget is expected to overshoot the planned 8.5 per cent overall deficit target by only point four per cent.rn

rnThis is despite a delay in the implementation of VAT, a cut in the rate of the ports and airports tax and delays in privatization all of which contributed to a revenue shortfall of 0.7 per cent of GDP.rn

rnBut expenditure was cut to 25.7 per cent of GDP from an estimated 26.4 per cent largely by cutting the capital budget allowing an overshoot of only 0.4 per cent of GDP.rn

rnBut at current account level the overshoot is much worse.rn

rnThe current account d

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