Tip to boost visibility of your LinkedIn profile


By Chathurika Jayawardana, Founder, Career Kit

If you already have a LinkedIn profile, now is a great time to boost your visibility, while everyone is wandering on social media.

LinkedIn being THE largest professional social network today, with over 610 million professional users, has a powerful audience, to connect, engage, network, and influence.

It’s the most effective platform to build relationships with potential employers, customers/clients, partners, or peers.

A foolproof way to refresh your presence is by starting a post about a broad/current/popular topic, which will invite people to share their experiences, opinions, or expertise.

Once you’ve started a topic, your job is to grab some popcorn and watch the conversation.

When your connections comment on or like your post, it will become visible to their connections (aka your 2nd-degree connections).

With you doing practically nothing, you can rest assured that your profile views will skyrocket!

A point to be kept in mind however is that LinkedIn newsfeed is all about business info, job openings, articles on professional development, and industry news (ie. information that’s purely non-political in nature).

Sharing useful information open-handedly helps build on social capital which will unarguably grow your network (and vice-versa).

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