Toll Level

July 27, 2011 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s first expressway is likely to charge a toll of 300 rupees for the full journey from the capital Colombo to the southern town of Galle, deputy highways minister Nirmala Kothelwawala said. The highway can cut down the journey to Galle from Colombo from the current three hours to around one and a half hours, with the journey on the expressway itself taking about 45 minutes, giving big savings in time and fuel.

It was not clear what fees would be charged to people who would only use the highway for part of the distance. The 96 kilometre highway has at least eight interchanges. The highway permits speeds up to 120 kilometres.

Kothelwawala said tolls in the range of 250 rupees to 300 rupees had been discussed. The road is likely to be opened on a date between August 15 to September 05 as soon as a toll plaza is completed, he said. Authorities were earlier planning to open the road in late July but some equipment for toll gates have still not arrived, he said.