Draft twentieth amendment to the constitution gazetted (Read Full Amendment)

Sep 03, 2020 (LBO) – The proposed twentieth amendment to the constitution has been gazetted by the Department of Government Printing.

Special features:

  • Minimum age limit for a president has been reduced to 30 from 35
  • Limit on the number of ministries has been lifted
  • President can dissolve Parliament after a year (limit of 4.5 years lifted)
  • Presidential powers strengthed; he even has the power to remove the Prime Minister
  • Constitutional Council has been renamed as Parliamentary Council
  • Immunity of President from suit
  • National Audit Service Commission & National Procurement Commission dropped
  • Dual citizens can represent the Parliament

Not changed:

  • President holds office for a term of five years
  • President can appeal to the people for a mandate to hold office for a further term
  • No change in the right of access to information



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