Uneconomic Crime

ldblquote The aim is to make economic crime, uneconomic for the perpetuator and make him go elsewhere for his activities
dblquote , says Prof. Barry Rider addressing a forum on Money Laundering organised by the Securities & Exchange Commission.

rnrnHe called for proactive policing strategies and increased use of state intelligence resources to continuously monitor doubtful transactions.

rnrnCommenting about new developments in ldblquote Insider Trading
dblquote , the concept of ldblquote connected party
dblquote has been expanded to cover any party with access to price sensitive information, he said.

rnrnldblquote If you appreciate that it was improper for you to use that information for trading in securities, then you are committing insider trading. It has evolved into a usage crime rather than an access crime
dblquote , Rider said.

rnrnDescribing the measures taken to establish the price sensitivity of the information, which is needed to prove Insider Trading, ldblquote the best measure is to ask y

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