UNP to launch a policy manifesto to boost ordinary people income: Harsha De Silva

July 22, 2015 (LBO) Sri Lanka’s United National Party is set to launch it’s policy manifesto on Thursday (23), targets at improving the income of ordinary people through a knowledge based economy, Deputy Economic Policy Minister Harsha de Silva said.

“We are planning for an economic revolution to help boost the ordinary people through our new manifesto,” De Silva said.

“Former government only expanded the state for the benefit of few people who are in favor of them,”

“They said, they are against the neo- liberalism and that is why they go ahead with Chinthanaya,”

“But you can see what it had done,”

De Silva said that Sri Lanka is the lowest in the region in terms of spend on health and education.

“Their policy helped their friends to gain loans and to invest from public funds,”

“But our social market economy will increase the well-being of the family unit.”

He added the top 20 percent of people in Sri Lanka enjoyed 55 percent of the wealth after the Rajapaksa administration, up from 50 percent before. But the bottom poorest 20 percent enjoyed 4 percent, unchanged.

“The Gini co-efficient (a measure of income disparities) has worsened so there has been more injustice.” de Silva said.