Untangling Wires

The working committee comprising six operators and a government representative will try to address outstanding issues like the local access fee and the quality of voice traffic. However the governments overall policy on telecom remains unchanged. rn

rnTelephone subscribers usually have it easy. They take for granted that they can dial any number to talk to just about anywhere in the world.rn

rnMost calls however have to go through more than one telecom operator before that can be answered by an end subscriber.rn

rnWhat telephone users dont now is that it takes a lot of complex agreements between telecom companies all over the world to make the system work.rn

rnDifferent telecom companies connect to each others network based on interconnection agreements. These agreements determine not only the price but also the technical criteria for a call going from one telecom network to another.rn

rnMany phone companies and fixed line telecom companies operating in the country already have an interco