US natural lighting company enters Sri Lankan market

Aug 14, 2012 (LBO) – A US based company has introduced a daylight capturing device to the Sri Lankan market that can channel natural light inside buildings through an internal reflective system cutting energy costs and reducing the heat load on air-conditioning, an official said. Solatube says they are eyeing Sri Lanka’s garment factories, manufacturing plants, industrial warehouses and supermarkets.

“Garment factories and supermarkets are a growing market for us,” Dickey said.

“It’s a tremendous burden for these factories to take so much electricity from other places that actually could use it,”

“So we are capitalizing on turning off lights during the day. If this is correctly set you do not need artificial lights at all during 9 to 4 in the afternoon,” he said.

Sunpower systems estimates that solatube daylighting devices could cut electricity costs for lighting by over 80 percent and reduce the heat load on air-conditioning.

Solatube says global energy saving trends are shifting more toward daylighting to cut energy costs on artificial lighting, achieve minimal loss of light and to reduce the heat that is usually associated with normal daylight devices like windows and skylights.

The domes are made from high quality acrylic resin that is spec

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