Vehicle Trend

Oct 26, 2011 (LBO) – New vehicles registered in Sri Lanka rose 31 percent to 45,279 in August 2011 from a year earlier, though lower than a peak of 48,157 seen in June, official data showed. Car imports rose 62 percent to 5,055 in August, three wheeler vehicles widely used as taxis rose 30.4 percent to 12,643, and motorcycles rose 18.8 percent to 20,861, data released by the Central Bank said.

Goods transport vehicles rose 61 percent to 1,637 and buses rose 49.2 percent to 388.

Up to 2011 August, 337,576 new vehicles had been registered, up 53.3 percent from a year earlier.

Sri Lankans had registered 164,837 new motorcycles, up 25.3 percent, 88,828 three wheeled vehicles up 62.3 percent, 39,276 motor cars, up 446.3 percent.

Sri Lanka’s motor car imports rose after the state cut import taxes for ordinary citizens and also gave tax slashed permits to state workers.