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The telecom regulator is wooing a fresh batch of consultants to come up with a new cost based interconnection framework.
Applications for the post closed Sunday, with requests for extension of the deadline, which the regulator is now considering. rn

rnThe new study will consider interconnection rates under a caller party pays regime, studying international models similar to Sri Lanka at present. rn

rnThe cost based termination rates will be used as a guideline for interconnection negotiations including the proposed reference interconnection offer to be made by Sri Lanka Telecom to the other operators by July 01, 2003.rn

rnA fresh start is being adopted as all seven operators unanimously stood against a previous interconnection tariff proposal. rn

rnTelecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) official hope to conclude the process within 8 weeks of contracting a consultant and before mid April 2003. rn

rnThe TRC will foot the consultants bill. rn