Vista Rooms simplifies corporate travel bookings, Cuts travel costs by 20-pct


(PRESS RELEASE) – Corporates in Sri Lanka can now sit back and relax when it comes to business travel while Vista Rooms minimizes hassle and streamlines the entire company’s travel itineraries via its one stop shop for corporate travel. Vista Rooms simplifies complex and troublesome booking procedures with a saving of 10-20% on the cost incurred traditionally.

Vista Rooms is a branded network of affordable stays across India, Sri Lanka and Maldives. With more professionals than ever finding travel to be an integral part of building business opportunities, companies must sift through hundreds, sometimes thousands of rooms and engage in time costly negotiations to find a cost effective, safe and comfortable solution for their team members. With Vista Rooms, these companies can relax and allow the system to find a Vista branded room to meet their requirements, whilst also benefiting from a massively simplified booking procedure.

In India, Vista is the country’s fastest growing network of standardised, branded accommodations with focus on quality, affordability, customer experience and hospitality. It is already replicating a similar rapid growth model here, with blue chips such as Dialog, MAS and IWS Holdings entrusting their travel operations to Vista’s care. Ease of booking, flexibility in reservation and easy payment management have drawn these companies to the unique services offered by Vista in Sri Lanka.

The Vista system creates separate logins for corporates from which they can access discounted rates as well as manage all their invoices by staff and team. Different departments such as HR, Administration and Finance can all access these booking details in one system so that communication regarding bookings and payments can be easily coordinated.

For companies that can spend anywhere from 30-45 minutes trying to make one booking, this will eliminate an entirely unnecessary workload. “Our system only needs to know the location, dates and requirements,” says Amit Damani, Co-Founder of Vista Rooms. “Every single Vista branded room has already been vetted for quality and has amenities every traveling professional needs such as free WiFi, air conditioning and breakfast on the go. The Vista system integrates seamlessly with the hotel’s system for a smooth, hassle free experience.”

In Sri Lanka, Vista Rooms’ growing clientele have found the system’s unique flexibility and ease of use an indispensable service for their operations. Vista has arranged for stays across Sri Lanka for these clients, from well-known hotels in cities to verified locations even in remote towns. “We’re currently working with top FMCG and pharmaceutical companies to support their teams’ travel requirements across Sri Lanka. With more and more companies basing themselves in the country the need for the kind of service we offer is immense,” shared Amit Damani. “We look forward to an interesting journey in Sri Lanka’s rapidly changing business landscape.”

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