Visual Contact

Dec 14, 2011 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s Dialog Axiata mobile phone operator is offering a ‘concierge-type’ video conferencing service to corporate customers that it says will reduce business travel costs and raise sales management efficiency.

Existing ‘room telepresence’ video conferencing systems are costly, take time to get working and allow users to talk only to another ‘telepresence centre’ in a different location, not desk top computers.

What Dialog is offering is to provide all the functions of third party video conferencing vendors or service providers and maintain and manage the network.

“You manage your business and let us manage your communications,” Bhargava said. “We install the system, maintain, and manage.”

Cloud computing using the Web allows video conferencing on desk top computers, tablets or smart phones integrated into a single system not only within a company’s own network but with third party vendors and customers, Bhargava said.

“You can have concierge services – like in a hotel – which are part of the cloud linking different end-points like desk top computers and mobile smart phones.” Rithesh Bhargava, Cable & Wireless Worldwide’s Head of Solutions India and South Asia, sai