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Sri Lanka Telecom is offering counselling services and tips on investing in financial products to its 1,300 employees, who took up an early retirement scheme this year.
Outgoing employees took home between Rs. 150,000 to Rs. 1.1 mn under the package, SLT said in a statement on Monday.rn

rnStaff opting for the VRS qualified for a rental free residential telephone until they reach 55 years of age. A counselling desk has also been set up for a three-year period, to monitor projects undertaken by the retirees.rn

rnThe VRS package cost SLT Rs. 710 mn, and the telco giant hopes to recover the expenses within two years. rn

rnThe entire VRS costs will be written off against SLTs 2003 earnings, creating a negative impact on the firms bottomline in the short-term. rn

rnHowever, year-end profits are expected to be flat at around Rs. 2.7 bn, partly due to a hefty VRS.
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rnSLT says the VRS will generate around Rs. 300 mn in cost savings within the next 12 months, raising the line per employee from 94 to 1

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