“We don’t think President will join hands with MR”: Harin Fernando

Harin Fernando

June 30, 2015 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s United National Party today said that they still do not think President Sirisena will join hands with former President Rajapakse in order to get Sri Lanka freedom party (SLFP) win the election.

“For the past few days, we have heard Mahinda Rajapakse saying that mistakes has been done during his time and no proper action has been taken against corruption and thieves,” Harin Fernando, Chief Minister of Uva Province said at a media brifing held Tuesday.

“We won’t believe President Sirisena will join hands with a person who says like that,”

“The presidential election campaign that talked about good governance was targeted the corruptions of the country at that time, but President Sirisena has created a doubt in us,”

“Now we have a doubt that President, who we brought, who we had the faith of, is involve in any kind of discussion because he has yet not made any statement on that regard,”

However, Fernando says there is no way of stopping UNP winning the election even though President Maithree joined hands with Rajapakse.

“But today we had to ask President Maithree, whether he has forgot the fact that people voted him to remove Rajapakse,” Fernando said.

“It will be a bigger issue if President thinks his party is more important than this country,”

“President Sirisena should take the responsibility if the country plunges into political turmoil if he nominates the former President and allow him to return into active politics.”

Sri Lanka dissolved the Parliament on 26th mid night and the elections are to be held in 17 August 2015.

Nominations will call from 06 July to 15 July 2015 and the next Parliament will be convened on 01 September 2015.

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7 years ago

Will you retire since MR joined President ?