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We had differences over the economic framework: Prime Minister


June 29, 2015 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s Premier Ranil Wickramasinghe says they had different views within the coalition parties over the economic policy in the island.
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The United National Party, several other major political parties and civil society organizations aligned together at the last presidential election to support common candidate Maithripala Sirisena. “We had a consensus on the political framework of the country and we are planning long term policies on that. But we have different views on the economic framework,” Wickramasinghe told a public gathering. “So people should be provided the opportunity to select who is suitable to develop the country in economic terms.” Prime Minister also revealed the reason for the delay in dissolving the Parliament. “President Maithripala Sirisena took the task of forwarding proposals to amend the election system though 100 days had already been ended.
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” “After we debated those proposals forwarded by him last Tuesday and Wednesday in Parliament, his responsibility ended.” “So after informing me he dissolved the Parliament.” Wickramasinghe said. All major political parties in Sri Lanka are gearing up for the up coming general election either through their own symbol or as an alliance. The United National Party is to contest the election under their party symbol. “We decided in advance to contest the general election separately thereby protecting the multi party system.
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” Wickramasinghe said. Sri Lanka's general elections are to be held on 17 August 2015 and the next Parliament will be convened on 01 September 2015. Nominations will call from 06 July to 15 July 2015.
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