Wheel Trend

Sept 23, 2011 (LBO) – Registrations of new vehicles in Sri Lanka dropped in July 2011 to 43,725 from a high of 48,157 a month earlier, while 12-month growth slowed to 30.8 percent from a 55.8 percent in June, official data showed. In July, new car registrations fell to 4,338 from 5,069 a month earlier. Three wheeler taxi registrations fell to 12,799 from 13,753; motor cycle registrations fell to 20,828 from 22,690 a month earlier.

Dual purpose vehicle registrations were down 944 from 921 a month earlier.

But good transport vehicles flattened to 1,056 from 1,084.

Sri Lanka’s car purchases rose steeply over the past year after high taxes which curbed citizen’s trade freedoms were reduced, leading to pent up demand being met, especially in motor cars. Taxes were raised again this year, though not to earlier levels.

In the seven months to July Sri Lankans have registered 292,297 vehicles up 57.5 percent from a year earlier.

Car registrations rose 741 percent to 34,221 in the seven months from a year earlier, three wheeler registrations rose 69.1 percent to 76,185, motor cycles rose 26.3 percent to 143,976 and dual purpose vehicles rose 534 percent to 5,514.

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