Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva arrives and starts her first day of work at the IMF

A new wireless way to connect to the Internet is taking the world by storm because access is cheap and fast. The standard popular in the US, connects computers to networks over short distances using radio waves. Experts say the standard commonly known, as Wi-fi will do to the Internet what notebook PCs did to computers.

The coffee pub Qwikys will soon be a hotspot for more reasons than the great coffee they dish out. rn

rnLike its foreign principals Qwikys is trying to offer Wifi high bandwidth wireless Internet connectivity. Thats the cool thing to do according to its management.


rnldblquote It is a value added thing that we give to the customer,
dblquote says Sharhan Mansoor, MD, Qwikys Coffee Pub.rn

rnWith Wifi they will be on the cutting edge of wireless Internet connectivity.rn

rnWifi will enable customers to connect to the coffee bars Internet bandwidth using their laptops or PDAs.rn

rnA Wifi-enabled location or hotspot could be anywhere from an airport to a coffee shop. rn<

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