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World’s largest integrated tourism group CEO visits Heritance Negombo

DHS Jayawardena with Fritz Joussen

DHS Jayawardena with Fritz Joussen at Heritance Negombo

TUI Group CEO Fritz Joussen accompanied by other TUI top-level executives visited Heritance Negombo on Thursday. The 139-room hotel is the latest hotel investment by Aitken Spence in Sri Lanka, which is to open in April 2016.

The high profile team from TUI, the world’s largest integrated tourism group, included the CEO of TUI Germany, Managing Director of Product and Purchasing, CEO of TUI Nordic and Managing Director of TUI UK and Ireland . The TUI executives were welcomed by Aitken Spence Chairman Deshamanya D H S Jayawardena, Deputy Chairman J M S Brito and Head of Leisure/Director Stasshani Jayawardena.

The historic visit is organized by TUI’s joint venture partner in Sri Lanka Aitken Spence Travels. (Media Release)

Deluxe Room  (Heritance Negombo)

See Lounge.low  (Heritance Negombo)

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Hans Perlee
Hans Perlee
7 years ago

all these large hotels here in Negombo. Why? What do they contribute? In my view, NOTHING

7 years ago

I fully agree.
A plus point is that with so many ‘high value’ rooms the prices will drop.