Zipped Up

Zeelabs signed a deal to exclusively market and build upon Temptation Technologies (TT) 3D imaging products.
Zeelabs is an integrated technology provider with a range of e-businesses services. rn

rnThe portfolio spans from strategy consulting through to branding, interactive designing, technology consulting and integration into customer operations.rn

rnThe addition will bolster Zeelabs e-business product portfolio and offers a greater range of new age products, Director Dr. M.I. Muhsin told Lanka Business Online. rn

rnTT specialised in 3D imaging and modelling for e-commerce applications and a search facility that also searches for the closest alternatives to the original search. rn

rnDespite the innovative range of products, poor marketing has stunted its development. rn

rnThe new partnership is intended to maximise on the good work done by TT by repackaging it with Zeelabs solutions and marketing them through its existing and new international channels. rn

rnCurrently, Zeelabs has market