CA Sri Lanka grants module-wise exemptions for ACCA & CIMA Students to become Chartered Accountants

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka (CA Sri Lanka) has decided to grant a series of module-wise exemptions for students who are following ACCA and CIMA, to help them be part of the prestigious National Accounting Body, CA Sri Lanka. 

In its standing as the National Body of Accountants, and as part of its national commitment, CA Sri Lanka decided to offer exemptions for the benefit of ACCA and CIMA students to help them accelerate their professional goals and fast track their career aspirations in finance.

CA Sri Lanka said that the decision to grant exemptions was taken by the Council after careful consideration of the present economic and social challenges faced in the country, and to help aspiring accounting professionals obtain multiple qualifications in finance which will strengthen their demand in the local and global job market.

Accordingly, ACCA or CIMA students who have completed the defined subjects in their course of study as per either the ACCA or CIMA curriculum can enjoy exemptions for the particular modules as listed in the CA Sri Lanka curriculum.

Due to the new exemptions from CA Sri Lanka, ACCA and CIMA students can become Chartered Accountants by successfully completing the CA Sri Lanka examinations whilst enjoying significant savings from the exemptions.

However, to avail the latest module wise exemptions granted by CA Sri Lanka, students from ACCA and CIMA must undergo three years of training as prescribed in the Practical Training Guide of CA Sri Lanka if they are to qualify as Chartered Accountants and obtain membership from CA Sri Lanka.

The CA Sri Lanka qualification covers vital pillars required to be a globally qualified Chartered Accountant, as it gives students a thorough understanding of key subjects ranging from finance to management. The training students must undergo during their course of study at CA Sri Lanka is a unique component in the CA curriculum as it helps them transition from student to professional, successfully.

Another important advantage of following the CA Sri Lanka programme is the option for CA students to obtain the internationally recognised Chartered Accounting qualification from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales (ICAEW), which is one of the oldest and most prestigious accounting bodies in the world.

CA Sri Lanka students can simultaneously obtain dual qualifications from CA Sri Lanka and ICAEW by completing the CA Sri Lanka’s Business Level and Corporate Level, and just two subjects under the Strategic Level which are SL2 Corporate Finance & Risk Management and SL3 Corporate Taxation subjects under the Curriculum 2020, and then follow Corporate Reporting, Strategic Business Management, and the Case Study in the ICAEW Advanced Level. 

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