About Us

Our Mission: "Empowering informed citizens and fostering a thriving economy through accurate, fair, and solution-oriented business news, while championing press freedom and media integrity."

Lanka Business Online (Private) Limited, launched in 1998, is an established player well recognized & respected in the local media/advertising/telco industry for its drive for innovation in the media & marketing services landscape. We pioneered Online Business Media properties in Sri lanka a decade back & are proud owners of the countries most respected Business media brands LBR, LBO available on a myriad of mediums ranging from Web, email, mobile, Online Videos, SMS & most unique LBR LBO C-level corporate forums held on-ground. As a media & marketing services company, we provide services in the following spaces which make us truly unique when we specially integrate multi competencies to provide cutting edge solutions to our advertising partners;
Production services – long format AV’s, documentaries, in-depth multi episode programming formats for clients locally & off-shore.
Business Media – Business on-ground - We are pioneers in the league of providing intellectually stimulating experiences on-ground for the corporate/business elite via C-level forums; LBR-LBO CEO, CFO, CIO, CMO & HR forums.
Digital/Online Media – We boast of offering the widest range of digital media assets to our advertisers under one roof. Our product portfolio in web, email, mobile, online video, branded content mini sites, lifestyle media, text, web design/development & other digital integration & marketing solutions are bleeding edge. In 2010, we launched the countries 1st ever video email newsletter “eDebrief” & would introduce more unique multi language mobile & web assets in 2011 to the envy of our competition.
Print – LBR journal, our 1st print marketing product of the well-reputed Lanka Business Report is truly a cut above the rest, providing a great user experience unparallel to any in the pulp-market.
Content monetization & telecommunication partnerships – Our strengths lie largely in unmatched superior content, thus enabling us to partner with many global & regional big wigs in the content monetization business. Locally, we have close ties with all Celco’s in the country for various content, technology & marketing services based wealth creating partnerships.