Visa Fraud

Sri Lankan Police forming a human chain in parliament to protect the Speaker and enable a vote.

Oct 17, 2012 (LBO) – The United Kingdom has not endorsed any agent in Sri Lanka to help with visa applications and applicants who submit false documents will face a 10-year travel ban and action by domestic authorities, the UK High Commission in Colombo has said. “We welcome genuine visitors, students and workers to the UK and are committed to ensuring the quality and availability of visa services for genuine applicants,” UK Border Agency’s regional director, Thomas Greig said in a statement.

“We will, however, not tolerate abuse of the UK visa system and we have a zero tolerance of fraud. I strongly advise anyone who wants a visa for the UK not to listen to agents who offer to sell forged documents or say that they can guarantee a visa.”

Sri Lankans should not submit false bank statements or other documents and agents cannot speed up or influence visa decisions, the British High Commission said. The full statement is reproduced below:


The UK Border Agency wishes to advise prospective UK visa applicants of the dangers of being misled by unscrupulous agents. It also warns those same agents that it will take action against them.

UK Border Agency’s Regional Direc