Baby Boomers

Perfume isnt all smell. Men and women who splash it on no less than baby cologne, are driving growth and pushing retail sales in the mass market for fragrances.

Baby is big business, and dual use is common in a relatively low-end market driven by price, sheer convenience and the perception of perfume as a lquote family product.rn

rnldblquote The baby sector is a huge market due to dual use. Adult and baby is the main split that we are seeing.

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There is a lot of buying of fragrances for the family and a lot of people cross use dblquote , says Hemas Marketing Manager Rochelle de Silva, in an interview with Lanka Business Online.


rnContrary to popular belief, men arent lax about splashing on that female cologne either because its there, unfazed by perception or even scent. rn

rnConglomerate Hemas are among the biggest names in the local mass market. rn

rnThe family controlled Groups core strengths lie in health and personal care products, which together contribute over 50 percent of total

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