Back to the Front

It is past 9 in the evening. Most people would be kicking up their heels in front of the TV after a long days work.
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rnBut for a group of young employees at the call center Hello Corp. the days (nights!) work is just starting.
They work the night shift because their customers are on the other side of the globe.rn

rnDonning his best British accent to make the pitch, Wasim makes a call to sell a telecom package to a customer in London. rn

rnThe people Hello Corp. employees call to sell telecom packages for British Telecom dont know the calls originate in Sri Lanka. rn

rnGiving the impression to the customer that the call originates from the same country is easy. Clinching the deal is the real challenge.rn

rnldblquote It is really hard to sell for UK customers. You have make about 70 calls to make one sell, dblquote Asanga Kottege, Agent, Hello Corp.

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told LBR.rn

rnBusinesses in UK and other developed countries have been moving routine back office operations like call-centers, to c

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