Bumper crop

Tea production is expected to touch the 308-mn kilo mark for 2002 brokers predict, given improved harvests in November the same year.
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For the eleven months ending November, crop intakes reached 281 mn kilos, up five percent on the 268 mn kilos the year before.
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If all goes as expected, crop intakes will surpass record levels of 305.
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8 mn kilos in 2000, Asia Siyaka Commodity Brokers said. "In that year, November intake was 278.5 mn kilos and in December over the past three years production has wavered between 25 to 27 mn kilos" , Asia Siyaka said.
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The most significant gains came from the High Grown sector, which notched up a 17 percent increase to 79 mn kilos.
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This was fuelled largely by a combination of good weather and a comparatively less volatile relationship with the highly politicised plantation trade unions.
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Low Grown production for the year is marginally ahead by 1 percent as at end November to reach 152.9 mn kilos. Crop intakes for November is the second highest for the month after the 28.
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7 mn kilos recorded for November in 2000, Asia Siyaka said. The performance was the highest in six months of 28.
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7 mn kilos, with Low Grown intakes accounting for 16.
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8 mn kilos.
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