Development Money

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) on Monday pledged US$ 105.3 million to support two projects linked to education and water and sanitation.
The Distance Education Modernization Project will attempt to bridge the gap between the countrys postsecondary education system using technological advances through a $45 million equivalent loan. rn

rnThe project is expected to increase access to distance and online learning programs, and will also support the promotion of public-private partnerships to reduce pressure on public sector enrolment. rn

rnPublic and private educational institutes will have opportunities for staff development, and will benefit from access to funds to provide local in-service training and curriculum development for academic programs online, an ADB release on Monday said. rn

rnResults from the project will support the key thrusts of Government policy to make Sri Lanka computer literate, and it will stimulate value added services such as electronic government, small business connecti

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