E for e-learning

New technology from web enabled mobile phones to communication tools like email is changing the way people access information.
Although the Internet and other digital technologies are fast becoming the primary source of information delivery, they are still not widely used for education.
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rnThe book and classroom based education system is however slowly changing.rn

rnInteractive e-learning programs are now gearing themselves to offer high-end technology training and even e-MBAs.rn

rnBut whats all this going to mean for countries like ours where computer and communication facilities penetration is very low? rn

rnGet ready to throw out the dull textbooks; studying is just about to become a lot more interesting.rn

rnThats because of stuff like computer based learning. They are not simply talking computer programs.

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rnThere are computer programs capable of teaching you all you need to know about GSM technology at the click of a button, for example.rn

rnUsing programs with colorful

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