External Cleansing

The government has sought the Asian Development Bank and World Bank help, to do an impact assessment on the ongoing Samurdhi programme.
Donor agencies have been critical of the selection process of welfare beneficiaries, as well as the lack of an exit mechanism, which resulted in more and more householders being added, until half the country was receiving welfare benefits.
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rnThe ADB will give technical assistance under its Rural Finance project to suggest ways to restructure over 900 Samurdhi Banks, Samurdhi Authority Director General, Dr. Sunil Navaratne told Treasury officials when Samurdhis accounts came up for public scrutiny on Wednesday.

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rnldblquote How many families each bank helps graduate from poverty will be their evaluation criteria and not profit, dblquote Navaratne said. rn

rnThe government spends Rs. 25 bn a year on various transfer payments, through the Samurdhi scheme, poor relief, Social Services Department, widows and orphans benefits as well as other services such as free

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