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Forget tea leaves, Indian fortune teller sees life in a coffee cup

BANGALORE, India, Apr. 28 (AFP) - Tucked away in a nondescript building in india's high-tech city, Nawal Gani sits in her drawing room drying coffee cups after yet another session of telling people's fortunes.
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In Hindu-majority India, where most people consult astrologers for matters ranging from marriages, new business ventures and even what time to step out of their homes each day, Gani has proved a tough competitor despite being a Muslim.

"I have read cups of India's top politicians including Sonia Gandhi (leader of the ruling Congress party), her daughter Priyanka, Atal Behari Vajpayee (former Indian prime minister) and Bollywood actors and actresses," she says.
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"My cellphone never stops ringing and I am sure my client list will only grow," Gani, who runs two orphanages in Bangalore, tells AFP.

Wearing a grey scarf to cover her hair and a flowing white satin gown embroidered with coloured stones, 43-year-old Gani says she often yawns while reading the small porcelain coffee cups of her clients, looking for patterns and "Arabic symbols".

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"The key is the yawn. If I burp then there is negative energy within the client.

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I cleanse it by asking my clients to drink water and by chanting prayers," t
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