Fuel Mix

March 28, 2007 (LBO) – Sri Lankan Airlines said Wednesday it will incorporate the fuel surcharge into air fares from April 01, effectively raising ticket prices and ending the possibility of lifting the charge if oil prices fall. The airline will implement this change to most destinations with a few exceptions, due to regulatory issues,” SriLankan Airline said in a statement.

This will enable clarity and simplicity of air fares when quoted to passengers. Government and airport taxes will continue to be collected separately.”

The announcement means the islands national carrier had dropped plans to lower the surcharge, even if oil prices fall further.

Manoj Gunawardena, head of worldwide passenger sales, said in a statement the decision to include the fuel surcharge in the air fare was aimed at having a transparent fares structure in place.

Customers will be quoted a fare inclusive of the fuel surcharge instead of the present practice of quoting it separately.

This move is also in line with the recommendation of IATA, the industry governing body.

In October last year, Sri Lankan Airlines officials told LBO it would consider lowering fuel surcharges in January if oil prices continued to fal

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